10 Key Factors To Consider When Buying Jewellery For Your Partner

Jewelery is a special gift for anyone giving or receiving it. Even inexpensive costume jewelery, say from a gumball machine, can have great sentiment and bring back happy memories decades later. So it just makes sense that when you?re purchasing jewelery for your partner, you ask yourself some important questions.

We?ve compiled ten factors to consider when purchasing jewelery for your partner. Taking time now will make shopping easier, as well as prepare you for the best part?the gifting of the item(s)! So take a look below.

1. What kind of work does your partner do? If he or she works a lot with their hands, has to get messy, and/or works around machinery, jewelery can not only be damaged, but can pose serious safety hazards. So this should be factored in, especially if it is jewelery you hope your partner will wear every day.

2. What is your budget? For most of us, budget cannot be overlooked. Know ahead of time how much you can spend and stick to it. And remember, this is your partner so the thought will (hopefully) count more than the price tag.

3. What is the purpose of this jewelery? Are you buying this jewelery as fashion, trend, gift, heirloom, keepsake, investment, or for some other reason? The answer to this question can affect your budget and some of the other factors, so it?s worth thinking about.

4. How often do you expect your partner will wear this jewelery? Jewelery that is worn every day needs to stand up to the test of time. Harder metals, for instance, will hold up longer than softer metals that are more easily scratched and damaged.

5. How much of your partner?s wardrobe will work with this jewelery? Not all jewelery works with a person?s entire wardrobe. Jewelery with a lot of gemstones (such as an emerald necklace) or a string of pearls may not work with your partner?s work or ?play? clothing. You should also take color choices into consideration when picking jewelery, as well.

6. Is there any kind of guarantee or warranty? Damage can, unfortunately, happen to the best of us, even with the most expensive, most well-crafted jewelery. And if damage or loss of a gemstone were to occur, what then? Check with the seller first, before purchasing, so you know what you?re getting into if the worst was to happen.

7. What kind of cleaning and care will this jewelery need? Some metals tarnish and need to be polished regularly. Most gemstones need some sort of regular care to maintain their original sparkle and appeal. Also, will your seller include the ?upkeep? of the jewelery for life or will there be fees for those services? Again, find this out ahead of time.

8. Will you need insurance for this jewelery? Chances are, if you?re spending a few hundred dollars or less, you won?t need insurance. In some cases, your home owner?s or renter?s insurance policy will cover loss of jewelery (though you should check with your agent). Some jewelery, especially investment pieces that are extremely expensive and rarely worn, should carry insurance and be stored in a safe and secure location when not being worn.

9. How will you feel if your partner doesn?t react the way you hope? Some jewelery items, such as wedding and engagement rings, not only cost a lot of money but have a lot of personal value included. If you?re proposing or marrying, how are you going to feel if your partner doesn?t have the reaction to the jewelery you hoped for? Will you be open to exchanging or is it very important your partner accept this particular piece?

10. Can this jewelery be worn with other pieces your partner already owns? Our final factor for consideration is how well this jewelery works with other pieces your partner already has. Will the metals or gemstones complement one another or clash? Will other pieces of jewelery need to be removed in order for this jewelery to look appropriate?

Taking time up front to carefully evaluate these factors will save you time, money, heartache, and even embarrassment. Better to spend the time and plan ahead, so you?ll increase the likelihood of smiles and joy when your partner sees what jewelery you?ve purchased.