The Flow of Talent Restrain Development of Jewelry Enterprise

It is common in China that talent mobility and shortage especially on the jewelry design and crafts aspects in jewelry industry bother enterprise employers very much. The excellent talents on design and crafts would be recruited by other companies with high salary after being cultured and trained by the original company for a long time, which sets severe limitation for jewelry industry to gain its reliable operating mechanism, for it would take much more time for the original one to recruit new personals and train them, the mutual run-in with each other would be tough for both the new recruits and the employing units. It can be concluded in some degree that the frequent mobility of talents do really limit the promising and long-term development.

The deepest impression for Serge Nedot, the French jeweler in workshop of TIF was that expect "Mr. about", "Mr. go faster" can be an appropriate description for Chinese as well. He said French tend to do one thing all one road while Chinese are too hurrying to move into other industries. Many Chinese who are earning their live in jewelry shop would make their career change to other aspects due to existence, thus experience they have accumulated in the area would be in vain. He agrees that only insistence can accumulate one's skills, which points out the essence of the development of jewelry industry. Only by day-after-day's accumulation and practice, can elites in the industry be cultured to achieve the whole improvement of the industry. It is not hard to gain the fact that though the jewelry industry in China has had great development and a lot of well-known jewelry brand has emerged, many jewelry companies are still in the imitation stage - the products produced are of certain standard on patterns as well as crafts on the surface, but the real expert would catch that there are many aspects needs to be enhanced and the crafts are still far from the standard of excellence. This why there are many jewelry brands while few of them became the world luxury brand.

It was pointed out that the jewelry industry in China needs "craftsman spirits". The president of TIF (the local brand) has ever expressed things like this: the industry is not only short of design master, but also needs crafts masters in a more severe way, and right now the two kinds of talents is still demanded in a larger degree, which cannot be solved is short term. What we are in shortage of in China in the Craftsman spirits, respect for artisans. It needs at least ten years to cultivate the real talents on the basis of the right now states.

In order to solve problems brought by the shortage of talents, many accompany choose to train those who are of savvy and talent and have sense of responsibility for the enterprise. It might cost a lot, but it is proved the beneficial method to gain long-term development. Other methods borrowed from the world top jewelry brands would be used to cope with the difficulties as well.