Guess Watches History

We all know the name Guess has a company that changed the way in which the world views denim jeans. When the Marciano brothers created their line of blue jeans, jeans were not just for the working class, but were worn by famous stars and the upper class all wanting to jump in on the trend in the 1970?s. Jeans were always considered casual dress until the Guess jeans made it to the stores. Guess fast became the name to know if you wanted to be in on the latest fads and fashions in the world.

Of course, when Guess began creating watches, many people were leery just as they were when the first jeans came off the line. However, today Guess watches are considered to be top of the line fashion that are worn once again by the famous as well as men, women, tweens, and children across the world. Their unique styles and designs set them apart from other watch manufacturers; of course, Guess is in their own class, just as their wearers are noticed for being fashion conscience.

For anyone desiring to find that perfect watch that not only provides them with the functions they desire, but also shows off a unique style then they should look at the designer watches created by Guess.

There are many different Guess designs when it comes to watches and all have their own unique style. You can purchase Guess watches with leather, rubber, silver, or stainless steel straps. Unique dial colors such as black, blue, bronze, brown, gold, silver, and white are available in different styles. Along with this, you can find strap colors to match any attire as well as ones offering crystal on the face to add a bit of class to your causal attire.

Ladies Guess watches are not your ordinary as they stand out in a crowd. You will find a large variety of Guess watches that will enhance your entire look. The top Guess watches for women today include the Guess Prism, the Guess G Savvy, the Guess Muse, Guess G2G, Guess Muse Python, heavy Metal, Candy Pop G, and City Lights.

For the gents the top Guess watches include the Guess Overdrive, Power Broker, Newport, Rush, Tailored, Duce, Structure, Sprint, and the Guess Top Notch.

For designer watches, you will not believe the prices of the Guess watches. The prices of the Guess watches you can find online are only around ?100 give or take a bit. Today, anyone can afford to wear designer watches at affordable prices and have the entire room watching you walk through the door.