Caring For Silver Jewlery – Five Ways To Get It Done

Silver jewlery are delicate items that deserve your care. They may not be as valuable as gold or platinum, but they are still held in high regard because of their beauty and lustre. Silver is actually considered to be the whitest among metals and they can be like mirrors if kept clean and free from tarnish. This is why jewel-crafting artisans like to work with silver when creating handmade jewellery or unusual jewellery.

But, as stated above, silver jewlery can be very delicate. Silver, being soft, is prone to scratching and oxidises easily. These two are the main reasons why it is important that you take good care of the sterling jewellery that you own. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to take care of silver jewellery at all. You just need to understand why silver is the way it is. Here are a few ways by which you can keep your silver in good condition.

1. Understand that silver is a highly reactive metal. Aside from being soft, silver is also very reactive to the substances it comes into contact with. It can easily become tarnished by dirt, airborne pollutants, household chemicals and even the skin's natural oils. When silver jewlery is constantly exposed to such substances, the silver can oxidise and turn black. As thus, you need to clean your silver regularly and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals.

2. Not all home remedies for cleaning silver are effective. One popular home remedy for cleaning silver is brushing it with toothpaste and an old toothbrush. On the contrary, this will cause your silver handmade jewellery to become scratched because the toothpaste has abrasive particles in it. If you insist on cleaning your silver using home remedies, try washing it with mild liquid detergent and rinse it with tap water.

3. Always use the right cloth to polish your silver. It may be hard to polish unusual jewellery or Celtic jewellery with a lot of detailed work done on the silver, but it is a task that must get done if you want to maintain the shine of your silver. However, always use the proper type of cloth for polishing your silver jewellery. The recommended cloth for polishing silver is either 100% cotton or flannel.

4. Store your silver properly. Silver handmade jewellery and unusual jewellery are one of a kind. To keep them from damage, you need to store them properly. The most effective way of doing this is by wrapping your silver jewlery in treated, tarnish-proof cloth before putting them in your jewellery box. And then, you should put your jewellery box in a place that is cool, dry and located away from heat or direct sunlight.

5. Put your silver jewlery on whenever possible. When you buy silver jewellery, make it a point to wear them every once in a while instead of simply keeping them in a box in your closet. It actually does silver a bit of good to come into contact with the natural oils of the skin. The sebum secreted by our skin slows down the oxidation process of silver, thus preventing it from becoming tarnished. Wearing silver regularly also helps your pieces form a patina that maintain its shine and loveliness.

You need to take care of your silver jewlery. They may be valued for their beauty and their shine, but they are also very delicate. As thus, you should always do your best to care for your silver so that you can keep wearing them for years and years without worries.