Guess Watches History

We all know the name Guess has a company that changed the way in which the world views denim jeans. When the Marciano brothers created their line of blue jeans, jeans were not just for the working class, but were worn by famous stars and the upper class all wanting to jump in on the trend in the 1970?s. Jeans were always considered casual dress until the Guess jeans made it to the stores. Guess fast became the name to know if you wanted to be in on the latest fads and fashions in the world.

Of course, when Guess began creating watches, many people were leery just as they were when the first jeans came off the line. However, today Guess watches are considered to be top of the line fashion that are worn once again by the famous as well as men, women, tweens, and children across the world. Their unique styles and designs set them apart from other watch manufacturers; of course, Guess is in their own class, just as their wearers are noticed for being fashion conscience.

For anyone desiring to find that perfect watch that not only provides them with the functions they desire, but also shows off a unique style then they should look at the designer watches created by Guess.

There are many different Guess designs when it comes to watches and all have their own unique style. You can purchase Guess watches with leather, rubber, silver, or stainless steel straps. Unique dial colors such as black, blue, bronze, brown, gold, silver, and white are available in different styles. Along with this, you can find strap colors to match any attire as well as ones offering crystal on the face to add a bit of class to your causal attire.

Ladies Guess watches are not your ordinary as they stand out in a crowd. You will find a large variety of Guess watches that will enhance your entire look. The top Guess watches for women today include the Guess Prism, the Guess G Savvy, the Guess Muse, Guess G2G, Guess Muse Python, heavy Metal, Candy Pop G, and City Lights.

For the gents the top Guess watches include the Guess Overdrive, Power Broker, Newport, Rush, Tailored, Duce, Structure, Sprint, and the Guess Top Notch.

For designer watches, you will not believe the prices of the Guess watches. The prices of the Guess watches you can find online are only around ?100 give or take a bit. Today, anyone can afford to wear designer watches at affordable prices and have the entire room watching you walk through the door.

Caring For Silver Jewlery – Five Ways To Get It Done

Silver jewlery are delicate items that deserve your care. They may not be as valuable as gold or platinum, but they are still held in high regard because of their beauty and lustre. Silver is actually considered to be the whitest among metals and they can be like mirrors if kept clean and free from tarnish. This is why jewel-crafting artisans like to work with silver when creating handmade jewellery or unusual jewellery.

But, as stated above, silver jewlery can be very delicate. Silver, being soft, is prone to scratching and oxidises easily. These two are the main reasons why it is important that you take good care of the sterling jewellery that you own. Nonetheless, it is not difficult to take care of silver jewellery at all. You just need to understand why silver is the way it is. Here are a few ways by which you can keep your silver in good condition.

1. Understand that silver is a highly reactive metal. Aside from being soft, silver is also very reactive to the substances it comes into contact with. It can easily become tarnished by dirt, airborne pollutants, household chemicals and even the skin's natural oils. When silver jewlery is constantly exposed to such substances, the silver can oxidise and turn black. As thus, you need to clean your silver regularly and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals.

2. Not all home remedies for cleaning silver are effective. One popular home remedy for cleaning silver is brushing it with toothpaste and an old toothbrush. On the contrary, this will cause your silver handmade jewellery to become scratched because the toothpaste has abrasive particles in it. If you insist on cleaning your silver using home remedies, try washing it with mild liquid detergent and rinse it with tap water.

3. Always use the right cloth to polish your silver. It may be hard to polish unusual jewellery or Celtic jewellery with a lot of detailed work done on the silver, but it is a task that must get done if you want to maintain the shine of your silver. However, always use the proper type of cloth for polishing your silver jewellery. The recommended cloth for polishing silver is either 100% cotton or flannel.

4. Store your silver properly. Silver handmade jewellery and unusual jewellery are one of a kind. To keep them from damage, you need to store them properly. The most effective way of doing this is by wrapping your silver jewlery in treated, tarnish-proof cloth before putting them in your jewellery box. And then, you should put your jewellery box in a place that is cool, dry and located away from heat or direct sunlight.

5. Put your silver jewlery on whenever possible. When you buy silver jewellery, make it a point to wear them every once in a while instead of simply keeping them in a box in your closet. It actually does silver a bit of good to come into contact with the natural oils of the skin. The sebum secreted by our skin slows down the oxidation process of silver, thus preventing it from becoming tarnished. Wearing silver regularly also helps your pieces form a patina that maintain its shine and loveliness.

You need to take care of your silver jewlery. They may be valued for their beauty and their shine, but they are also very delicate. As thus, you should always do your best to care for your silver so that you can keep wearing them for years and years without worries.

10 Key Factors To Consider When Buying Jewellery For Your Partner

Jewelery is a special gift for anyone giving or receiving it. Even inexpensive costume jewelery, say from a gumball machine, can have great sentiment and bring back happy memories decades later. So it just makes sense that when you?re purchasing jewelery for your partner, you ask yourself some important questions.

We?ve compiled ten factors to consider when purchasing jewelery for your partner. Taking time now will make shopping easier, as well as prepare you for the best part?the gifting of the item(s)! So take a look below.

1. What kind of work does your partner do? If he or she works a lot with their hands, has to get messy, and/or works around machinery, jewelery can not only be damaged, but can pose serious safety hazards. So this should be factored in, especially if it is jewelery you hope your partner will wear every day.

2. What is your budget? For most of us, budget cannot be overlooked. Know ahead of time how much you can spend and stick to it. And remember, this is your partner so the thought will (hopefully) count more than the price tag.

3. What is the purpose of this jewelery? Are you buying this jewelery as fashion, trend, gift, heirloom, keepsake, investment, or for some other reason? The answer to this question can affect your budget and some of the other factors, so it?s worth thinking about.

4. How often do you expect your partner will wear this jewelery? Jewelery that is worn every day needs to stand up to the test of time. Harder metals, for instance, will hold up longer than softer metals that are more easily scratched and damaged.

5. How much of your partner?s wardrobe will work with this jewelery? Not all jewelery works with a person?s entire wardrobe. Jewelery with a lot of gemstones (such as an emerald necklace) or a string of pearls may not work with your partner?s work or ?play? clothing. You should also take color choices into consideration when picking jewelery, as well.

6. Is there any kind of guarantee or warranty? Damage can, unfortunately, happen to the best of us, even with the most expensive, most well-crafted jewelery. And if damage or loss of a gemstone were to occur, what then? Check with the seller first, before purchasing, so you know what you?re getting into if the worst was to happen.

7. What kind of cleaning and care will this jewelery need? Some metals tarnish and need to be polished regularly. Most gemstones need some sort of regular care to maintain their original sparkle and appeal. Also, will your seller include the ?upkeep? of the jewelery for life or will there be fees for those services? Again, find this out ahead of time.

8. Will you need insurance for this jewelery? Chances are, if you?re spending a few hundred dollars or less, you won?t need insurance. In some cases, your home owner?s or renter?s insurance policy will cover loss of jewelery (though you should check with your agent). Some jewelery, especially investment pieces that are extremely expensive and rarely worn, should carry insurance and be stored in a safe and secure location when not being worn.

9. How will you feel if your partner doesn?t react the way you hope? Some jewelery items, such as wedding and engagement rings, not only cost a lot of money but have a lot of personal value included. If you?re proposing or marrying, how are you going to feel if your partner doesn?t have the reaction to the jewelery you hoped for? Will you be open to exchanging or is it very important your partner accept this particular piece?

10. Can this jewelery be worn with other pieces your partner already owns? Our final factor for consideration is how well this jewelery works with other pieces your partner already has. Will the metals or gemstones complement one another or clash? Will other pieces of jewelery need to be removed in order for this jewelery to look appropriate?

Taking time up front to carefully evaluate these factors will save you time, money, heartache, and even embarrassment. Better to spend the time and plan ahead, so you?ll increase the likelihood of smiles and joy when your partner sees what jewelery you?ve purchased.

Wedding Ring And Wedding Bands And The Charm Of Marriage

Wedding ring is something that carries a special charm through out your life but that should be of your partner or beloved?s choice. If your beloved like the ring then it would be your one of the sweet memories among others but if the ring fails to satisfy your beloved?s heart then you would surely face trouble. So at the beginning the most important advice to all of you who are on the threshold of getting married and to enter a new life is choose a wedding ring or a wedding band which match his or her choice and suits on his or her finger and match the size. And therefore it is very important to have a clear idea about his or her choice and to make an order prior to that mega event that is marriage. Have enough time in your hand to alter the wedding ring set or to have a new one. It is too important thing to ignore.

From ancient age the tradition of exchanging ring has been flowing and is followed with a same and to say the truth is followed with more vigor and mirth. People of every country enjoy this tradition of exchanging wedding ring. Gold wedding ring is mainly comes in the first position in the average counting. But with days passing people are more and more craving for change extra ordinary options. And for this reason the craze for platinum and titanium and tungsten are justified. Diamond was always a craze but now middle class people are also there to have diamond wedding ring set or diamond wedding ring. It is no longer a rich person?s area now in this era of globalization and free economy. With all these things another thing has been added and that is men?s wedding band though men and women both can wear wedding bands in tier fingers. But it is mainly for men?s hand. Men like this jewelry basically for its simplicity and easy to handle feature. It looks smart and trendy in a male?s ring finger. It is normally a wide band made of any metal devoid of diamond or any gems and simply made. Now every type of wedding bands for men is available. Apart from this gold wedding bands, diamond wedding bands, white gold wedding bands, two tone wedding bands, titanium wedding bands and Celtic wedding bands. You will find these categories in any shop while you will be there to buy one.

Men?s wedding bands are usually with a ring evaluation and craftsmanship warranty. Wedding rings are also provided with a satisfaction guarantee. If later any kind of defects are found in the craftsmanship or in any part of the ring then the suppliers are bound to replace the ring or back the money. But it is to remember that the ring should be returned to the suppliers within fixed days, normally it is 30 days. The shipping or customs duties incurred during the return of the product must be paid by the customer.