Wedding Ring And Wedding Bands And The Charm Of Marriage

Wedding ring is something that carries a special charm through out your life but that should be of your partner or beloved?s choice. If your beloved like the ring then it would be your one of the sweet memories among others but if the ring fails to satisfy your beloved?s heart then you would surely face trouble. So at the beginning the most important advice to all of you who are on the threshold of getting married and to enter a new life is choose a wedding ring or a wedding band which match his or her choice and suits on his or her finger and match the size. And therefore it is very important to have a clear idea about his or her choice and to make an order prior to that mega event that is marriage. Have enough time in your hand to alter the wedding ring set or to have a new one. It is too important thing to ignore.

From ancient age the tradition of exchanging ring has been flowing and is followed with a same and to say the truth is followed with more vigor and mirth. People of every country enjoy this tradition of exchanging wedding ring. Gold wedding ring is mainly comes in the first position in the average counting. But with days passing people are more and more craving for change extra ordinary options. And for this reason the craze for platinum and titanium and tungsten are justified. Diamond was always a craze but now middle class people are also there to have diamond wedding ring set or diamond wedding ring. It is no longer a rich person?s area now in this era of globalization and free economy. With all these things another thing has been added and that is men?s wedding band though men and women both can wear wedding bands in tier fingers. But it is mainly for men?s hand. Men like this jewelry basically for its simplicity and easy to handle feature. It looks smart and trendy in a male?s ring finger. It is normally a wide band made of any metal devoid of diamond or any gems and simply made. Now every type of wedding bands for men is available. Apart from this gold wedding bands, diamond wedding bands, white gold wedding bands, two tone wedding bands, titanium wedding bands and Celtic wedding bands. You will find these categories in any shop while you will be there to buy one.

Men?s wedding bands are usually with a ring evaluation and craftsmanship warranty. Wedding rings are also provided with a satisfaction guarantee. If later any kind of defects are found in the craftsmanship or in any part of the ring then the suppliers are bound to replace the ring or back the money. But it is to remember that the ring should be returned to the suppliers within fixed days, normally it is 30 days. The shipping or customs duties incurred during the return of the product must be paid by the customer.

Rolex Explorer Vs Rolex Explorer Ii

The Rolex Explorer and the Explorer II are two popular sport models that fall under the professional line of wristwatches. Sharing the same name, both these models are meant for the real adventure lovers.

Explorer and Explorer II: Satisfying Different Needs

Rolex Explorer, successfully tested during the first human conquest of the Mt. Everest in 1953, is a special watch designed for harsh conditions. It can comfortably withstand temperatures from -20 degrees to +40 degrees centigrade. On the other hand, Explorer II was specially designed for the speleologists (cave explorers), who work inside deep caverns for days on end. While working inside the caves with no natural sources of light, it is easy for them to lose track of the time. To solve this problem, Rolex designed the Explorer II. The extra 24 hour hand (initially orange in color but now red) on the Explorer II, when used against the 24-hour graduated bezel, helps to distinguish day from night by clearly differentiating AM from PM. Rolex Explorer does not feature this special 24-hour hand or a fixed bezel engraved with 24 hour track.

Another major difference between the two models is also technical in nature. The Rolex Explorer II is equipped with the ?Jump Hour? feature not present in the Explorer models. This feature enables the wearer to set the hour hand forward or backwards in one hour jumps without disturbing the second or minute hands.

Similarity Between the Two

Although, Rolex Explorer II was designed specifically for the speleologists, mountaineers and other adventure lovers like to use this model as well. It functions perfectly in all kinds of extremities. The commonalities between the two models include the following: Both are made of solid stainless steel with no other options.

* Both are self winding and waterproof to 100 meters or 330 feet.
* Both feature a synthetic sapphire crystal like other Rolex models.
* Both come with an Oysterlock bracelet with the safety clasp and Mercedes style hands.
* Mercedes style hands have been introduced into the current versions of both these sport models
* Like in other Rolex watches, both these models feature luminous Tritium fillings in place of Radium.

Although some basic features (as mentioned above) are common between the Explorer and the Explorer II, which are found in other Rolex models as well, these two models are distinguishable from each other in terms of both their looks and certain technical aspects.

Diamond, Cultured Diamonds And Cubic Zirconia Comparison

There is often some confusion when shopping for diamond jewelry regarding the differences between natural diamonds, cultured diamonds, and cubic zirconia. There are some important differences between these choices that should be understood before looking for jewelry set with these gems. Besides the price difference that exists between the three choices, there are also quality and appearance variations that need to be considered when choosing between cultured diamonds, natural diamonds and cubic zirconia.

Diamond is a natural gem which is not manufactured. Diamonds, which are formed from a particular formation of carbon atoms, are the hardest substance in nature and are mined from the earth. There is often a certain amount of controversy surrounding the mining of real diamonds, and as such, some individuals prefer to buy diamond alternatives. Cubic zirconia and cultured diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds.

Cubic zirconia is similar to natural diamonds in some ways, but also varies in many respects. Cubic zirconia is quite hard and since it is synthesized, it is optically flawless. clear white.

Although not nearly as hard as mined or cultured diamonds, it is still quite durable and is a less expensive alternative to natural diamonds.

Cultured diamond is another popular alternative to mined diamonds. Cultured diamonds, which are often called lab grown diamonds, are created to be optically, physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds. Cultured diamonds are generally less expensive than natural diamonds, but they are still much more expensive than cubic zirconia or diamond hybrid. Cultured diamonds can come in various colors, but the most popular stones are brilliant colorless white.

One variety of natural diamond alternative which has specific advantages over the other choices is the diamond hybrid. A crystalline core is covered with a layer of diamond to create a diamond hybrid. The resulting effect is brilliant, creating a very hard gem with an index refraction and light dispersion which is very similar to that of a natural diamond. These hybrid diamonds do not discolor over time, and when cut by an expert and polished, are absolutely brilliant.

Hybrid diamonds are less expensive than natural or traditional cultured diamonds, although they are more expensive than cubic zirconia. As such, they are an increasingly popular choice for those who want the sparkle and beauty of diamonds without the need to actually buy natural diamonds.